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Fort Worth, TX 76112

Our Staff:


Chandra Pryor - Practice Manager

My name is Chandra Pryor and I am the hospital manager at Family PetCare. I have lived in Fort Worth all of my life. I attended UTA to obtain my B.A. in Biology. I have been a hospital manager for over ten years and enjoy the rewarding experience of keeping pets healthy and giving them the best quality of life possible. I have a four year old daughter named Kaylee and she is my pride and joy. I also have two cats, Charlie and Leo, that I rescued from the humane society, and a dog named Carson that was another rescue. I have found a home at Family PetCare and I want to continue learning more about veterinary medicine.


Kathy Radovich - Client Advocate

My name is Kathy Radovich and I am Family PetCare’s Client Advocate. I have been working at Family PetCare since February 2003. I was born in Garland, Texas but have lived in Fort Worth ever since. I graduated from EHHS in 1985 as Kathy Witherspoon. I have two kids Amanda and Steven. We have 2 stray cats and a few German Sheppards. I enjoy working with the Rescue Groups. It is very fulfilling to see the rescue animals go to forever homes. Everyday at Family PetCare is a learning and rewarding experience for me. The people I work with are family. I enjoy working with all animals (lizards still creep me out a little) and helping with the care of all pets and their families. I like that we are one on one with the clients and that our team strives for excellence in patient care and client satisfaction. I also enjoy going with Dr. Morton and the clinic pets to visit the elementary school summer camps. The children really enjoy learning about the different types of animals and petting the animals.


Heather Haataja - Technician

My name is Heather Haataja and I have been a technician with at Family PetCare for almost 4 years. I love all animals and I've been working with them since I was in high school. I have many pets of my own including a Russian tortoise named Ducky. I appreciate Family PetCare focusing on providing every pet and their owner with the personal attention they descerve.


Chelsea Johnson - Technician

My name is Chelsea Johnson and I have been with Family PetCare for over 3 years. I grew up in a family that had all kinds of animals throughout my whole life including horses, fish, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hampsters, goats, and more. I love working with them and I also spend most of my time off volunteering at shelters, and rescues. (I LOVE ANIMALS ;) Animal training and care is my passion, and I believe each animal should be treated like a member of the family.


Luther Johnson - Guest Services

Hi my name is Luther. I have been at Family PetCare since July 2014. I really enjoy working here because of my passion for animals. Not too long ago I became the owner of two cats, one named Rella, and the other Ginger. I love them and they love me!!! I love music very much as well as singing, dancing, playing the piano, and drums, but if I had a choice I would play the drums everyday! I love life and I am adventurous and a bit of a risk taker. Thanks for reading and have a good day. :)

Shannon Stam - Guest Services

I was born in Appleton, Wisconsin and have lived in Fort Worth since I was 3 years old. I graduated from Keller Central High School in 2013. I attended Weatherford College and received a certificate as a certified veterinary tech assistant in August of 2014. I was an adoptions Counselor for the Humane Society of North Texas in Keller. I administered vaccines and microchips and I also tested for Heartworms and made sure that our animals went to good loving homes. I also foster a King Charles Cavalier named Charlie for the Cavalier King Rescue of USA. He was diagnosed with cushings disease and lost all the fur in his back and tail. I have administered all medications and loving care and Charlie now has a full coat of fur and will soon be read for adoption. I also have rescued a GSP named Maddie who is my pride and joy. I joined The Family PetCare Team in November of 2015 to continue my training.

Frances Freeman - Groomer

Hello, my name is Frances Freemand and I am the Master Groomer and "Sculptured Stylist," at Family PetCare doing Salon Style grooming since 1973. I am the former owner of Dances with I enjoy beautifying all my patients with handmade specialized bows and ribbons. In my spare time I am a Nature Path, Foot Reflexologist, and even Pet Acupuncture and Massage. I am also a musician and have been playing instruments and singing since early child hood. I play the violin, mandolin, fiddle and other various instruments, and can often be found singing to my salon patients.

Kim Dodge - Client Advocate

Hello! My name is Kim Dodge and I am very happy to have joined the fantastic FPC team. I was born and raised in WI but got to Texas as fast as I could. I am a passionate dog lover and a dedicated Cairn Terrier rescuer. I have Cairn Terriers, Scottish Terriers, and a couple of fish tanks that keep me busy when not here at FPC helping our great clients and their wonderful furbabies.

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