bennyMeet Benny, the 35 year old Amazon. Benny and her sister Karma belonged to a very good client and friend of the hospital. When she could no longer care for them she knew that they would have a wonderful home at Family PetCare.

As soon as she walks through the door she always greets her with a “Hello”.
Her sister Karma passed away two years ago from liver failure. However, she still talks to our staff as if they were her sister. Her favorite phrase is “It’s not fair.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeet Snowy, our 19 year old Cockatoo. He was rescued by our former exotics vet, Dr. Shelton. He came from an abusive home, but now he has a family that truly loves him. He is a wonderful addition to Family PetCare because he loves attention and he is known as “Lovebird”. He loves to be rubbed and handled, and he starts dancing when children talk to him. He goes with Dr. Morton to visit elementary schools and kids love him. He does have a nervous habit of plucking his feathers. His favorite food is pizza. His favorite word is “Aflac”.

This is Bubba. Profile coming soon!

This is Hunter. Profile coming soon!

This is Layla. Profile coming soon!

This is Alphie. Profile coming soon!