Dr. Morton


Dr. Morton’s professional life is based upon a commitment to education, technology, service and ethics guided by a strong passion for people and animals. He grew up in a dairy community and became a veterinarian to practice dairy medicine. He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1990 from Texas A&M University. After a year of practicing dairy medicine, he found himself in Dallas where his wife, Becky, was in dental school.

There being no dairies in Dallas, Tim rekindled his veterinary school enthusiasm in small animal medicine He joined MRSW, Inc., one of veterinary medicine’s first corporate practices and shortly thereafter became the first District Manager for PetSmart Veterinary Services where he managed several veterinary practices in Texas and New Mexico. After five years with MRSW, Dr. Morton knew he needed more tools to better perform in an expanding veterinary profession. He decided law school would provide many of those tools and received his law degree from SMU in 1999. Following law school, Tim and business partner and wife, Dr. Becky Morton, took their interest in business and passion for their professions into private practice. They saw great opportunity in East Fort Worth. In order to take advantage of technology, economies of scale and medical collaboration, and to enhance the quality of medicine and service, they purchased and merged four East Side veterinary practices, Handley Animal Hospital, Woodhaven Pet Clinic, Oakhaven Pet Clinic and Zahn Pet Clinic. The result is Family PetCare. At the same time, Becky started her Dental practice inside the Family PetCare building.

Dr. Morton currently practices both law and veterinary medicine. He practices business and veterinary law at his office inside the Family PetCare building which allows him to switch hats throughout the day. Dr. Morton’s veterinary interests include vigilant attention to patient comfort and wellbeing, providing technology, training and support to Family PetCare’s terrific staff and providing spay/neuter/health services to established rescue groups.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATim and Becky are big believers in East Fort Worth as a great place to both work and play. They moved their family here several years ago and preach the appeal of East Fort Worth to all who will listen. Becky sold her dental practice in 2005 to spend more time developing their other business interests and to dedicate more time to their daughter, Sarah, and son, Joshua. They have a host of pets including birds, reptiles, dogs and cats as well as being self-appointed protectors of wildlife, and their habitats, in and around East Fort Worth.