I have been going to Family PetCare for over a decade and trust them implicitly. We have three cats and two dogs. All are rescues.

Both dogs were rescued by Family PetCare, fully vetted and adopted to us for a fraction of the cost they put in to the dogs’ vaccinations, neutering, blood work, heartworm testing and prevention medication.

The cats were rescues from one of the many 501c3 groups the clinic works with.

As an adopter, long-time client and former volunteer with a cat rescue group I have seen numerous aspects of the clinic.

CARE: My pets are treated as the family members we consider them to be. The vets are loving, affectionate and gentle with each pet. Belly rubs for the dogs and chin scratches for the kitties are the norm.

TREATMENT Part 1: One our dogs, Opie, developed terrible allergies. My husband and I researched what could possibly be wrong with him, but were stumped as his symptoms were atypical. After a thorough exam and blood work to confirm, Dr. Jaramillo determined the cause and offered multiple treatment options. Some were more convenient to us while others were less expensive. We ended up choosing the option that was easiest for Opie. Dr. Jaramillo closely monitored his progress and made sure I understood the treatment, possible side effects and potential success rate. I can’t describe how above and beyond she went.

TREATMENT Part 2: Our cat, Nadine, is well into her senior years. Dr. Duncan educated us on the things we need to monitor and discussed the treatment options for Nadine’s low thyroid which was causing her to lose weight. She actually recommended the lower priced option as it was what was best for our cat. The other option would have brought in quite a lot of money, so I know that pets come first.

BOARDING: We board both the dogs and the three cats at Family PetCare when we travel. We are always given a choice to give each dog his own kennel or have them share. It isn’t about saving money; it is about keeping the animals as comfortable as possible in their home away from home. The dogs pull on their leashes in excitement all the way through the door and have no fear (even though this is where they were both neutered!) of the vet’s office. Side note: I’ve seen the entire clinic and I don’t understand what other reviewers are referring to in regards to the kennels. They are HUGE! I’ve dropped in unannounced and found my dogs to be happy, healthy and enjoying the play-time with other dogs. The kennel was spotless.

COMMUNITY: Family PetCare hosts numerous community events throughout the year. Non-profits are invited to set up booths in addition to the vendors. There is a live band, petting zoo, kid-friendly activities and raffles. One year there was even a pet musical ‘chairs’ with cake prizes! They work with numerous non-profits donating their services or charging a negligible fee to ensure as many pets have an opportunity to be adopted as possible. It really is about the love of animals.

STAFF: In addition to the veterinarians mentioned above, the vet techs strike the perfect balance between professional and friendly. With 5 pets, I feel like they’re all old friends. Kathy, the clinic’s Client Advocate, is a gem. I’ve never seen her ruffled; even with a full waiting room of nervous pets, the phone ringing and checking out a client. Last, I had a billing problem and spoke with the Office Manager, Chantra, who printed itemized statements and took the time to go over each charge line-by-line with me. When it was determined I had actually been *under*charged a small amount, she offered to discount the $8.00 instead of charging me.

Mary M.

We have been using Family Pet Care for years. I think over 15. They are a local business and are convenient in case of emergency or needed scheduled pet care. They try to accommodate our schedules. The facility is always clean and odor free as much as an animal clinic can be. They added a larger kennel area and have a large open fenced area for a dog run.

Phillip D.

Dr. Morton and his staff are amazing and deeply caring folks, they gave so much of themselves to help Sandy, a dog who was shot in the head. Family Pet Care has cared for all my dogs and all my fosters, and I’ve recommended them to many others and other rescues I’ve worked with. The staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate. They’ve expanded their clinic to include a larger boarding facility, and they have their own dog park to exercise the dogs in their care

Kapi N.